New Image

Hello all! I hope that you’re doing well. As this system continues to grow and mature, I will be posting more updates. Hard to believe that the system in nearly grown out and not yet a year old! If you’d like to see regular videos and images daily, follow along […]

Quick Video: Saturday Maintenance!

To be successful, in life and this hobby, you need consistency! Consistency in dosing, feeding, and maintenance are the keys to success. Setting up a proper schedule of routines will aid in the stability of your system while at the same time, ensuring that through observation, issues are caught before […]

Updated Radion and MP40 Schedules

Hello, I recently made some adjustments to my lighting schedule, opting for a slightly lower intensity and shorter period of maximum daylight. I recently had some SPS lighten up, but after a few weeks using this updated schedule things are back to where they belong. Note that your schedule employed […]

Radion Mobius Schedule

Hello, A number of people have requested a copy of the Radion schedule that I use. The schedule works well for me and gives me the whiter and cleaner look that I am after. Please note that this is an XR30PRO schedule and you will likely need to increase the […]