Reefsite Featured in Reef Hobbyist Magazine

I am happy to announce that my aquarium has been featured in the latest issue of Reef Hobbyist Magazine. You can check out the write up and full article by clicking this link: Reef Hobbyist Magazine Enjoy! -Sonny Harajly

Rappin with ReefBum Interview

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to speak concerning my methods and history in the hobby. You can check out the full interview below.

Coral Snow: Extreme Water Clarity and Cyano Eradication, Made Easy!

One of the most frequent questions I receive is how do I have such amazing water clarity and an overall clean looking setup. Well, it quite simple and you can easily do the same while also helping rid yourself of cyano or and the very least not allowing it to […]

New Image

Hello all! I hope that you’re doing well. As this system continues to grow and mature, I will be posting more updates. Hard to believe that the system in nearly grown out and not yet a year old! If you’d like to see regular videos and images daily, follow along […]

Quick Video: Saturday Maintenance!

To be successful, in life and this hobby, you need consistency! Consistency in dosing, feeding, and maintenance are the keys to success. Setting up a proper schedule of routines will aid in the stability of your system while at the same time, ensuring that through observation, issues are caught before […]

Updated Radion and MP40 Schedules

Hello, I recently made some adjustments to my lighting schedule, opting for a slightly lower intensity and shorter period of maximum daylight. I recently had some SPS lighten up, but after a few weeks using this updated schedule things are back to where they belong. Note that your schedule employed […]

Week 11: Video Reels

Hello everyone! If you haven’t done so already, please follow along on Instagram @Reefsite and on FB @Reefsites . I generally will post video and/or images on a daily basis. -Sonny

Mastering the Basics: Reefing 101

*Note that the article below is simply my opinion and experiences over 25+ years of successfully reefing. I am not a scientist and some of my methods and what I say may rub against popular opinion and science.                          […]

Bacterial Driven System: A Recipe for Success.

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of carbon dosing. I believe that it has played a large part in my success over the years. No other method that I have employed has produced the results exhibited via carbon dosing and bacterial additions to the system. The one […]

Radion Mobius Schedule

Hello, A number of people have requested a copy of the Radion schedule that I use. The schedule works well for me and gives me the whiter and cleaner look that I am after. Please note that this is an XR30PRO schedule and you will likely need to increase the […]