New additions! Blacker Ice Clownfish pair added.

Hey guys/gals, I recently added a pair of Blacker Ice Clownfish to RR 3.0. The pair is doing great and settled in nicely. Initially I lost the smaller male clown due to an accident. The one seen in the pictures is his replacement. The original male decided to jump from […]

Rimless Reef 3.0

Hey guys,   Its been a long time coming but I’m finally setup with a new system. Ill be posting details soon concerning the system. The lighting over the aquarium is provided by Radium Metal Halides.   Thank you,   Sonny Harajly

Tips and tricks for new and experienced Reefkeepers.

    These are just a few things off the top of my head to aid new reefers. This hobby can have its up’s and down’s, so its important to plan ahead and accordingly. These are only recommendations, not requirements. There are million different ways to build a successful reef. 1. Place a powerhead in sump. The […]

Dinoflagellates and the treament of…. 2

Originally published 04/29/2009 Dino’s can be pretty hard to get rid of but if you are diligent you can wipe them out within a weeks time. There is a great article HERE that will greatly aid in the fight to eradicate the problem. My approach to fighting Dino’s: -Period of […]

Sick of algae and brown corals? Give vodka a shot!

Originally published 04/15/2010 So, I am sure by now many of you have heard of people dosing vodka and bacteria into their systems. You first thought may have been “what” or “why”, but I am here to help explain the reasons behind why those of us who do dose vodka […]


  Hello everyone, I have been away for too long. I am happy to report that the break is over, and I am now getting back into this amazing hobby.  I am currently in the planning phases of my next setup. This setup will be different. It will include elements, […]