Rimless Reef



As some of you may know I recently took down my 225gl reef. I was going to leave the state for a few months and had to sell off the system. I’m sure I could have found someone to watch the tank but I really felt that I needed a fresh start upon returning. I needed something new, fresh and challenging. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it I no longer have to leave the state. Such is life I guess. I was really looking forward to the long trip. Now unlike many of the build threads out there you wont find too many gadgets in my tank. My tanks have always been run low tech. The new tank will not run UV, CA Reactor, Controller, wave maker, or Kalk stirrer. I have run all of these devices at some point in the past and find them excessive and not needed to achieve great results.(in my case)

Display Tank
48″ x 24″ x 20″ Rimless
100 gallons from http://www.miraclesaquariums.com/
2 Sided Starphire glass( Front and left side)
Right Side Corner Overflow with 1″ return and 1.5″ drain

The stand is hand built and tiled. No equipment will be under the tank. The sump and all equipment will be located in the room directly behind the tank.

Existing 45 gallon AGA tank

Water Movement
Ehiem 1260 for Return pump
2 Modded Tunze 6025 Nano Streams
1 Un-modded Tunze 6025 Nano Stream
2 Un-modded Tunze 6045’s Nano Streams

I may end up modding the rest of the Tunzes. The current 6025’s that are modded put out an amazing amount of flow. The new tank must look as natural as possible so I plan on strategically placing all pump so that they are out of sight. It should be a fun little challenge.

Aquactinics Constellation 7x54W T5
The fixture will be hung from the ceiling
The bulbs will consist of the following:

4-ATI Aquablue Special
3- ATI Blue+

I also have an extra bulb, Ati Pro color, That I may run in the future once I see what it looks like over the tank.

After running high powered Metal Halides for years I decided to change things up a bit. After running the fixture over my holding tank I can tell you that the color combo is outstanding. Along with the great color and output the unit runs very cool and quiet.

Existing Deltec AP851

I am hoping that this will not be over kill on a smaller tank such as this. Worst case scenario I can just feed the fish more; I’m sure they won’t mind.

Calcium and Alk Addition
Randy’s Two Part Solution

I ran both a CA reactor and Kalk Stirrer in the past and honestly have had better results will a simple DIY two part solution. I may also look into the Balling Method, but for now I am happy with the two part solution.

The bottom of the tank will be covered with a SSB consisting of .
CaribSea Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand

Filtration and supplements
Carbon in a Phosban reactor
Prodibio Bio Digest
Prodibio Reef Booster
Glassbox-design VSV
Lugol’s Solution
Reef Crystals Salt